Patchwork Pavements


Be transported to Venice, Rome and Sienna with internationally renowned quilt teacher Christine Porter from Great Britain, whose main inspiration for her quilts is taken from decorative floor tile designs from historical European buildings. Enjoy her presentation of amazing floor tiles which will make your creative juices flow.

Christine shows how she translates the designs into quilts in the original floor tile colours or how you can go wild with contemporary fabrics.

Whichever way you choose to go, Christine has many quilts to inspire you, especially those taken from her books, ‘Quilts Beneath Your Feet’ and ‘Viva Venezia!’ which are both packed full of quilts giving the illusion of three dimensions when in fact they are flat! Have you looked down lately? You will after this lecture!


On the Road with Christine Porter – Have Quilts – Will Travel

Christine will show over 50 quilts, including new work, from over 20 years of quilt making through to the latest work, including some colourful stories of her travels around the world as an author, quilt teacher and quilt judge.

You can hear about what has inspired her, as well as about her time as Editor of Britain’s ‘Patchwork & Quilting’ magazine, and as founder and director of Cabot Quilting Conferences. Lots of great anecdotes and lots of secrets. Fasten your seat belts!


Please note that if Christine is giving this lecture in any place which requires a flight from the UK, this lecture will be given with slides in Power Point and she will bring as many quilts as possible, but mindful of baggage restrictions.